‘Blackwater stayed in Iraq despite ban’

Sun Sep 4, 2011

Leaked US diplomatic cables show that hundreds of notorious US security contractor Blackwater’s employees continued to operate in Iraq despite Baghdad having revoked the firm’s license.

“There are many former Blackwater employees at other private security companies in Iraq,” said a January 4, 2010 cable, leaked by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, AFP reported on Sunday.

Another cable from January 11, 2010, which was similarly exposed by the website, said, “The [US] embassy understands that Triple Canopy (another US security firm) currently employs several hundred former Blackwater employees.”

Blackwater, which has changed its name to Xe Services, LLC, is notorious for misusing its US State Department-issued gun license as an excuse for committing atrocities.

On September 16, 2007, guards hired by the company opened fire in Baghdad’s Nisoor square, killing 17 Iraqi citizens in an act of aggression, which Iraqi officials have described as ‘unprovoked.’

In January 2009 and in response to the bloodshed, the Iraqi government said it would not renew the company’s license to operate.

Reports say the company also continues to be extensively involved in Afghanistan, where Washington has deployed thousand of forces.

Source: PressTV.
Link: http://www.presstv.com/detail/197405.html.

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