Iraq recognizes Libyan opposition govt.

Tue Aug 23, 2011

Iraq’s foreign ministry has announced that Baghdad recognizes the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) as a legitimate representative of Libya.

“The cabinet decided today, 23 August 2011, to recognize the Libyan National Transitional Council as the only and legitimate representative of the Libyan people,” Iraq’s ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, Russia and China have also issued statements saying they are ready to accept what the Libyan people decide.

More than 30 other countries have formally recognized the TNC as the “sole representative” of the North African country.

The developments come as Libyan fighters swept into the heart of Libya’s capital city early on Monday, and seized the control of much of Tripoli without facing significant resistance from regime forces.

Libya has been the scene of intense fighting between regime troops and fighters since a revolution seeking to topple Gaddafi began in mid-February. Revolutionary forces want an end to Gaddafi’s decades-long rule.

Source: PressTV.


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