Bahraini Security Forces Clash with 500 Protestors


About 500 anti-government protestors clashed with Bahraini security forces Saturday when they were processing towards the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, the epicenter of the country’s recent protests.

“Around 500 participants went into unlicensed procession in Sanabis” after attending a funeral of Majeed Ahmed, who was injured during clashes in March and died last week, the Interior Ministry said in a statement, “That required the interference of security forces to protect security.”

The general director of Capital Governorate police said the security forces warned the protestors several times, asking them to stop and leave.

The protest took place hours after the opening session of the National Dialogue, which was attended by over 300 people from political societies, human rights groups, women’s societies, public figures and nongovernmental organizations and aims to bring together various segments of the Bahraini society to present the people’s views and demands for further reforms in the country.

Bahrain, a close U.S. ally, has been hit since February by series of anti-government protests, which have resulted in the death of four policemen and over 20 citizens.

Source: CRIEnglish.


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  1. #1 by ATEEKSTER on July 13, 2011 - 12:42 pm

    Read this to know what really happened in Bahrain.

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